Piso 16 - Laboratorio de Iniciativas Culturales UNAM

Social Service

You can participate with us If you are still studying or if you have already finished a  career at UNAM or any other national or international higher-education institution  that shares UNAM’s General Guidelines of Social Service. 

You must successfully complete a total of 480 hours of service over six months.  

You can perform your duties on-site either in the morning shift or in the afternoon  shift from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 15:00, and from 15:00 to 19:00  respectively. 

It is also possible for you to work from home performing previously arranged tasks. 

As an additional benefit, you can participate in the workshops and lectures  given at Piso 16 (prior arrangement necessary). 

What do you need?

Have at least 70%
college credits
Have a minimum
of 8.5 GPA
Send a letter expressing your reasons to perform your social
service duties with us to the following email address:
Be interviewed by
the team of Piso 16

For further information, please contact us:

(52) 55.5117.2818 ext. 49784

Social Service Programs available at Piso 16.

There are two different programs: Cultural promotion at Piso 16, and collaborative network.

Cultural Promotion at Piso 16

Participants will be able to develop skills and knowledge that will be useful for their  professional careers. This process can be developed in any of the following lines of  action:


The tasks in this area are related to the creation of alliances among the participants  of the Accompanying Program, and cultural organizations such as: 

  1. The logistics behind the scheduled activities in the workspace.
  2. The register and photographic record of the development of every project.
  3. Update electronic directories for the integration of the directory information in  the online learning platform.
  4. Support research activities to update the database of the Information Area related to calls and cultural spaces.
  5. To follow up and manage the scheduled visits from the team of Piso 16 to  independent cultural spaces.

Related careers: Intercultural Development and Management, Communications, and  Administration.

Translation of materials to English

To make Piso 16’s information available to English speakers, as well as granting  Piso 16 an international scope, we need support in the undertaking of the following  activities: 

  1. Translation of promotional materials made by Piso 16. Laboratorio de  Iniciativas Culturales UNAM.
  2. Translation of promotional materials made by the accompanying programs of  Piso 16. Laboratorio de Iniciativas Culturales UNAM.
  3. Editorial review of the translated materials.
  4. Translation of the content on Piso 16’s website.

Related careers: English Language & Literature, English as a Foreign Language  Teaching. 

Professional training

The activities in this area are related to the academic work inside Piso 16 such as: 

  1. Do some research on workshop offerings that might be of interest for the  development of cultural initiatives.
  2. Aid in the organization of workshops, lectures, and discussion sessions (set  up and requirements).
  3. Provide a continuous follow-up on the assessment of the proper functioning  of the Professional training program given by the participants, facilitators, and  mentors of Piso 16.
  4. Evaluation and analysis of the results obtained in the professional training  activities: workshops, lectures, discussion sessions, and conversations  between initiatives.
  5. Update the directory of centers, schools, and organizations with which a  partnership can be generated. This will enrich the Professional Training  Program.

Related careers: Pedagogy, and Intercultural Development and Management. 


The activities in this area of training are related to the academic work that aims to  create and research information about the cultural sector in Mexico, such as: 

  1. Designing research instruments.
  2. Researching about entrepreneurship and cultural undertakings in Mexico.  3. Interviewing Mexican cultural agents.
  3. Analyzing and systemizing information to know and understand the  economic, political, and historic state of the cultural sector in Mexico.
  4. Making research reports.

Related careers: Intercultural Development and Management, Philosophy,  Economics, Sociology, Administration, History, and Communication.  

Development and maintenance of Web Apps

The information area has a web platform that stores a virtual library, a catalog of the  on-site library, databases (about the cultural facilities, red de creativos, and calls),  and access to the Online Educational Platform. We propose the following activities:  

  1. Aid in the maintenance of the web platform, databases, Google Classroom,  and the digital library.
  2. Development of a mobile app that includes the tools available in the web  platform of the information area.
  3. Aid in the review and experience design for users of the web app of the  information area.
  4. Evaluation and analysis of the results of the used tools, as well as the  proposal of updates for the information area.
  5. Collaboration in the development of initiatives of the information area.

Related careers: Computer Engineering, Computer Science.

Management of the library

Piso 16 has an on-site library, as well as a digital one which specializes in cultural  management, communication, and artistic disciplines. These are the activities that  can be done in this area: 

  1. Cataloguing the new additions to the on-site library.
  2. Implementing a cataloguing system of Piso 16’s library for the digital archive.
  3. Research about bibliographic material related to subjects of interest to the  Accompanying Program.
  4. Aid in the control of the borrowed books from the library.
  5. Integrate the information of the new materials to keep the web platform  updated.

Related careers: Bibliotechology and Information Studies, Hispanic Languages &  Literature. 

Material design

To promote Piso 16’s programmed activities and the materials designed for the digital content, social service providers interested in this area will perform the  following activities: 

  1. The creation of printed promotional materials.
  2. The creation of promotional material for the newsletter.
  3. The design of promotional material for social media, such as infographics,  Instagram stories, and design applications related to the promotion of the  calls.
  4. Aid in the editing of audiovisual material related to the promotion of Piso 16’s  calls.
  5. Collaboration in the development of the iconography and overall look of the  programmed activities in Piso 16.

Related careers: Graphic Design, Design and Visual Communications, Art & Design,  and Visual Arts.  

Record of activities

Th goal is to have a visual record (mainly photos and videos) of the programmed  activities in and out of Piso 16’s facilities.  

Those interested need to have a camera of their own. 

  1. Photographic record of the activities organized in Piso 16 UNAM.
  2. Video record of the activities organized in Piso 16 UNAM.
  3. Photographic record of the activities organized by the initiatives accompanied  by Piso 16 UNAM.
  4. Audiovisual record of the activities organized by the initiatives accompanied  by Piso 16 UNAM.
  5. Work on the editing of photographic and audiovisual materials so that they  can be posted on Piso 16’s social media.

Related careers: Visual Arts, Filmmaking and Communication.

Collaborators Network Program

Professionalization of cultural initiatives 

The interested in working directly with the participants of the Accompanying Program  will collaborate to develop cultural initiatives by performing the following activities:  cultural management, marketing, administration, accounting, legal affairs,  design, among others that could be necessary for the production and presentation  of an initiative.  

The idea is to give social service providers and practitioners a taste of the  professional world that awaits them, with professional artists that need the aid of the  previously mentioned disciplines.  

The collaboration will take place in a period of six months to one year.  Collaboration goals will be set, and trimestral reports will be handed in by social  service providers to review the progress and development of the initiatives.

Legal aspects

Attorneys interested in collaborating with cultural initiatives in the branches of  intellectual property and cultural rights, as well as labor matters can aid by  performing the following activities:  

  1. Review and support in the creation of contracts to establish labor relations  (particularly of the accompanied initiatives).
  2. Consultancy in copyright aspects: the registration of works in INDAUTOR and  patrimonial rights.
  3. Consultancy in industrial property: the registration of trademarks.  4. Aid in the management of procedures for a variety of government  departments related to intellectual property.
  4. Research about cultural rights and intellectual property with an emphasis on  arts and culture. The information thrown out by it will be promoted in the digital  communication channels of Piso 16.

Related careers: Law.  

Fiscal Aspects

Accountants and administrators who are interested in aiding the cultural sector  through their financial and fiscal knowledge can perform the following activities so  that that the cultural initiatives work better:  

  1. Projection and analysis of the financial scheme of the initiatives accompanied  by Piso 16 UNAM.
  2. Aid in the regularization of the fiscal situation of the initiatives accompanied  by Piso 16 UNAM.
  3. Consultancy for the SAT registration process depending on the individual  needs and situations of the initiatives accompanied by Piso 16 UNAM.
  4. Do some research and perform editorial duties on the promotional material about fiscal obligations related to arts and culture to promote it in the digital  communication channels of Piso 16 UNAM.
  5. Analysis and creation (wherever the case may be), income statement, and  balance sheet of the cultural initiatives in operation that are accompanied by  Piso 16.

Related careers: Accounting and Business Administration. 

Communication and Digital Marketing

Aiding cultural initiatives to generate effective digital communication strategies  through the following activities: 

  1. Develop digital communication strategies for the initiatives accompanied by  Piso 16 UNAM.
  2. Content planning from the previously defined digital communication strategy  for the initiatives accompanied by Piso 16 UNAM.
  3. Edit and program social media posts related to the initiatives accompanied by  Piso 16 UNAM.
  4. Edit reports that allow analyzing previously used digital communication  strategies.
  5. Aid in getting in contact with companies, media, and institutions that can get  involved with the initiatives accompanied by Piso 16 UNAM.

Related careers: Communication, Marketing, and Advertising.

Testimonies from previous social service providers at Piso 16

Miguel Ángel, Design (audiovisual production)  
I believe that I learn to perform my skills more professionally, as well as to measure  my working hours, and organize my schedule to have a productive workday. Lastly,  I learn to take into consideration the process of submitting my work and receiving  proper feedback.  

Eunice, Production 
During my research, every single one of the calls I read provided me a broad view  of the job opportunities in existence, and the various means available to finance a  project. I even managed to find a calling in Yucatán in which I was able to apply and  got my project accepted.  

Paula, Professionalization of cultural initiatives (theater assistant director)  
This process has been a great learning experience and an ideal way of preparing  myself for the professional world. It has also refined the skills I already had, and it  has given me others I didn’t. I’m glad I was a part of this initiative, and I’m thankful for everything I got the chance to experience.  

Ana, Design (audiovisual production)
Working in Piso 16 was a fun experience full of personal and professional growth,  learning, camaraderie, cordial treatment, and hard work, in which problems were  resolved, my voice could be heard, and processes were properly systemized. 

social service providers
of them in the Collaborative Network
of them in the Communication and Design area
faculties or schools