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Piso 16 - Laboratorio de Iniciativas Culturales UNAM

Accompanying Program

During the three editions of the Accompanying Program that have taken place since  2018, Piso 16 – Laboratory of Cultural Initiatives UNAM has launched 26 cultural  initiatives: 53 creators, cultural managers and communication professionals have  benefited from it, and have been able to turn their initiatives into something  economically sustainable. 

There is no other Accompanying Program like it in Mexico; it mixes a program of  workshops and talks with the ongoing monitoring of a mentor, alliances with  cultural organizations, the use of a variety of facilities, and economic support.  The goal is to aid participants in finding answers for the following questions: What  do they want to do? Why do they want to do it? How can they achieve it?  

The process -which lasts 10 months-, consists of analyzing ideas and personal  projects, thinking about our cultural environment, the target audience, the possible  competitors, the proposed value of each one, and the organizational structure, as  well as doing financial analysis, creating budgets, chronograms, portfolios,  circulation, and marketing strategies. It also offers information about copyright,  accounting, fiscal situation, call requests, and funding opportunities.  

This section contains information about former and current cultural initiatives in Piso  16, including its mentors and the Annual Apprenticeship Program. 

Memories from 2024.

Apprenticeship Program 2024.